capture video from your DV camera

How to capture video from your DV camera?

This guide is mainly about how to capture video from your DV camera, so you can edit your travel video on computer, create beautiful video postcard.

To do this you need Movavi Video Suite, you can download the software free from here, for more features about the software, you can visit here.

Movavi Video Suite features:

1. Capture video from your digital and web cameras
2. Convert video to run on any mobile device
3. Burn data, audio, and video CDs and DVDs
4. Split and merge video files
5. Add filters and special effects to video
6. Rip, backup and copy DVDs
7. Create classy video postcards

For more features guide about Movavi Video Suite, you can refer this guide index.
Note: Becaese Movavi Video Suite is a very powerful pack (36.55 MB), it may take a little long time to download it.

  1. Save video from your Mini DV cassette as DV-AVI files to the computer.
  2. Rewind and preview footage right inside the program.
  3. Capture any frame as a still image.
  4. apture video from your webcam.

To capture Video from your DV Camera:

Step 1. Connect your DV camera to your computer using a FireWire cable.

Step 2. Select the folder where you want to save the captured video.

Step 3. Preview the video stored on your DV camera and select the starting point of the segment you want to save to your computer

Step 4. Click Start Capture.

Step 5. At the end of the segment to be captured, click Stop Capture.

Capture Video

Note: if you capture several video segments while previewing your DV cassette, the result will be several discrete DV-AVI files. If you want to link some video segments into one file, you can do this in the Convert Video/DVD module using the Join feature. Learn how to do this in Merge the Best Parts of your Videos of this tutorial.

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