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How to transfer music between iPods?

Many people own more than one iPod, iPod 2 iPod is a nice iPod transfer that allows you to transfer your music and video between iPods. Until now this hasn't been possible without losing all your existing songs. iPod 2 iPod gives you the power to take control of your music collection.
This guide will be helpful to the iPod Players that Transfer Songs Between iPods.
If you want to convert DVD and video to iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic, you can refer to this step by step guide:

For more DVD to iPod Converters reviews, you may take a look at this DVD Video to iPod Converter Review.

Now, Let's start the guide about transfering music between iPods.
1. Minimum installation
Ensure your computer meets the minimum installation requirements.
To see from here

Here is the directly download link, it's about 12.4 MB. We scaned it with Norton and AVG, it's safe without any virus and spyware. It will not ruin your computer at all.


2. iTunes
Although iPod 2 iPod will detect and automatically close iTunes...
We do not recommend attempting to run iPod 2 iPod while iTunes is running.

music iPod to iPod
3. Start
iPod 2 iPod Download here, about 12.4 MB
When iPod 2 iPod first starts it appears as follows:

music iPod to iPod

Connect your first iPod device via either USB/Firewire connectors.
It will take iPod to iPod transfer approximately 15 seconds to auto detect then display the music from your first iPod.
Your first iPod is identified as a 'tab' on both the left and right sides of the screen.

music iPod to iPod

4. The Right Click Menu
Use the "Right Click" menu to carry out a range of actions on the individual song tracks.
To initiate this menu place the cursor over the music list and click on your right mouse button.

music iPod to iPod

Play Enables you to listen to the currently selected track.
Show All Shows all music on your iPod. Useful when viewing songs within playlists.
Select All Songs Selects all music within the song list.
Select Similar Songs Selects all songs matching the text in the first column.
Find Duplicate Songs Finds duplicate music on your iPod. You will be given the option to clean-up any songs found, freeing up space!
Find Unlinked Songs An annoying issue in iTunes, the "Unlinked Songs" function helps discover music titles which are no longer associated with the actual music file.
Find Unique Songs Compares the iPods in the left and right panels, and displays the songs which are on one iPod, but not the other!
Delete Selection Removes music no longer required.

5. Transferring iPod music
Select the songs you wish to transfer and either drag them to the destination panel,
or click on the "arrows" to transfer music from one iPod to another.
The way you view your music is up to you, sort by Artist, Genre, Album, or even group similar songs together, then drag and drop them onto another iPod. Quickly find all the songs which are present on one iPod but not another, and transfer the ones you are missing.
It is easy to end up having duplicate songs on your iPod, iPod 2 iPod tracks these duplications and allows you to remove them in seconds. It also optimizes storage space on your iPod allowing you to store more songs!

Free Download iPod to iPod


If iPod 2 iPod not work for you, you can use this iPod to computer transfer to transfer music from iPod to iTunes at first, then plug in another iPod and sync it with the iTunes library, then the music will be transferred to the new iPod. For Mac, there is the iPod to Mac transfer.

Step1. Download and install iPod to computer transfer, after your iPod/iPhone connected to pc, Launch the program you will see the right UI. Normally, the program will search the device automatically; the files (songs/movies/playlist/photos) will be shown in the list.

Step2. Choose the list and files you want to transfer, Click the Start Transfer button.

Step3. After you clicking the Start Transfer button, the following window will pop up; you can choose transferring to computer hard drive or iTunes directly. You can set the output folder at settings option before transferring.

Free Download iPod iPhone to Computer Transfer

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