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How to correct specific video problems and applying Effects to your Video?

This guide is mainly about how to correct the specific video problems, with the special filters, you also can apply special effect to the video, let your video postcard be more beautiful.
To do this you need Movavi Video Suite, you can download the software free from here, for more features about the software, you can visit here.

Movavi Video Suite features:
1. Capture video from your digital and web cameras
2. Convert video to run on any mobile device
3. Burn data, audio, and video CDs and DVDs
4. Split and merge video files
5. Add filters and special effects to video
6. Rip, backup and copy DVDs
7. Create classy video postcards

For more features guide about Movavi Video Suite, you can refer this guide index.
Note: Becaese Movavi Video Suite is a very powerful pack (36.55 MB), it may take a little long time to download it.

How Professional Filters Can Correct Specific Problems
If your video has interlace effects
When you’re shooting a moving subject, your video may show some "interlacing” - horizontal stripes across the frame. Movavi Videosuite’s Deinterlace filter removes the interlaced horizontal rows, producing a smoother image.
Movavi Video Suite - correct specific problems
If your video is too dark
Shooting in poor light or against the sun can cause your video to be too dark. Apply the Brightness/Contrast filter to enhance highlights and shadows, increasing the contrast so that images are clearer.
Movavi Video Suite - correct specific problems
If your video is ‘noisy’
After ‘Noise’ in a video means that images may be blotchy or patchy. This can occur during shooting or as the result of another editing or filtering process, so it’s a good idea to apply the Denoiser filter after every enhancement.
Movavi Video Suite - correct specific problems

To applying Special Effects to your Video
Special effects
Applying special effects can turn your video into a completely different production. Try these:
1. Mosaic  2.Add Noise  3.Posterize  4.Diffuse  5.Greyscale  6.Invert

Experiment with different moods and special effects, and completely change the look and feel of your video. You can apply one or several effects to achieve the results you want.
Movavi Video Suite - apply special effects to your video
1) In the Effects mode, select the effect you want to apply.
2) Move the Seek Slider markers to select the segment to which to apply the effect.
3) Double-click or drag-and-drop its icon to the Preview area.
4) Move the filter's slider to select the result you’re looking for.
5) Preview the result in Split mode.
6) Click Save.

Some Ideas to Enhance your Video
Turn your video into a 30’s-style film noir
First, filter out the color by applying the Greyscale effect, which converts any video into black and white. Then, make your video look older with the Add Noise effect. This adds random pixels to the video, creating the impression of lower-quality film, as you might expect in an old movie.
Movavi Video Suite - enhance your video

Mask out details with the Mosaic effect.
The Mosaic effect makes your video look as if it's made up of square blocks; the blocks represent the colors of pixels in the video. This is the effect often used on television when filming criminals and others who don’t want their identities know.
Movavi Video Suite - enhance your video

Add sci-fi effects
You can turn your home movies into futuristic fantasies by applying the Invert effect to create a negative effect. Another way to add a hint of mystery to your video is to use the Posterize effect, which lets you adjust the level of brightness to create large flat areas that could easily imply a UFO landing.
Movavi Video Suite - enhance your video

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