How to copy DVD to DVD and Shrink DVD9 to DVD5

How to copy DVD to DVD and Shrink DVD9 to DVD5

This guide shows how to copy a DVD with home video and shrink a larger DVD9 to an ordinary DVD. Using AVS DVD Copy you can copy the main movie without menu, so that you can save space on your DVD disc or HDD.

AVS DVD Copy interface is very simple. You can make all the settings like input and output DVD paths, copy modes, languages, output disc size and the temporary folder in the same window. As soon as you are ready just click the Start copying! button to make a perfect home video DVD copy.

Step 1. Download AVS DVD Copy directly from here. After the download is finished, run the AVSDVDCopy.exe file and follow the installation wizard instructions. You can know more features about it by referring here.

Step 2Run AVS DVD Copy and open the original DVD
Run AVS DVD Copy . The button Copy DVD (the mode you will use) will be selected by default.
Click the Browse button in the right top corner of the program window to open the DVD.


Note: If your input DVD is a DVD9 disc, it is recommended that you use the double layer DVD for the output to achieve better quality.

Step 3.Set the copy mode & audio languages
In the Copy Mode and Languages area you can choose elements of the movie and audio languages you wish to copy.
You can copy:

…ENTIRE DVD (including the original menu and all extra materials),
…the DVD content WITHOT EXTRAS (menu only)
…ONLY MOVIE (all extra materials and menus will be removed).

As for languages do not make any changes if you want to make 1:1 copy. If you want to leave only one language deselect all unnecessary check boxes. Some DVDs may have no language changing option.

Note: AVS DVD Copy always preserves all subtitles, because of their small size.

Step 4.Set the output path and select a temporary folder
Click the first Browse button in the Select output DVD (drive or HDD folder) area to set the destination path.
Here you can select:
– the same drive as the input one,
– the second DVD drive (if you have one),
– a folder on your computer HDD.

If you select the same drive as the input one, AVS DVD Copy will ask you to remove the input DVD and insert a blank disc after converting is finished.

Note: You need to have at least 5 GB of free disc space on your hard drive if you copy to an ordinary DVD and 9 GB if you use Dual Layer discs for output video. You can specify a temporary folder on the hard drive. Click the second Browse button for this task.

Copy DVD
DVD9 to DVD5

If you want to change the copying mode check Set output size box.

Step 5.Convert and Burn DVD
Click on Start copying! Now you can watch the progress of the converting and writing procedure.
After converting is completed AVS DVD Copy will ask you to insert a blank DVD disc to the DVD recorder. Click Continue.

That’s all! In about half an hour (depending on the movie length and your computer configuration) you will have a new home video DVD copy ready for your home DVD player.

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